Italian Greyhound portrait

Chilling out in my favorite chair.

Chihuahua and Pitbull puppies with their owners

Who can resist these adorable little dogs!

Portrait of young Schnauzer on white background

Ready for winter with his new wool scarf!

Adorable young Schnauzer on black cloth background

Sparky was a joy to work with.

Schnauzer sitting on lap of Owner

Sparky just loves his mommy.

Close-up portrait of bulldog by Carla Scornavacco, Chicago

Buddha the bulldog.

Portrait of Italian Greyhound on a blue background

Portrait of Italian Greyhound

Portrait of Bulldog laying on leather couch, Carla Scornavacco

This bulldog is master of the coach. 

portrait of puppy by Carla Scornavacco

Oh those puppy dog eyes!

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