Fine Art Dog Photography for Chicago Area
If you love your pets the way I do, you will appreciate having something special to forever remember them by. The undeniable love and joy these precious souls bring into our lives should be celebrated and cherished forever.
With a customized photo session designed for you and your dog, this experience will be unique and fun. Whether your pup loves outdoor adventures or cuddling at home your photo session will showcases their true spirit and captures the special bond you share with your dog. ​​​​​​​
Studio style dog portrait by dog photographer Carla Scornavacco in Chicago
Outdoor dog photography sessions by Carla Scornavacco in Chicago, IL
Carla Scornavacco
Animal Lover, Photographer, Artist
Dog and Pet Photographer Carla Scornavacco in Chicago, Illinois
The Artist Behind the Lens
As an animal lover, I decided to take my passion for animals, photography and art to create for you beautiful images of your pet that you can proudly display and cherish for years to come. 
With over two decades of experience working in photography and graphic design, your images will go beyond what comes straight out of a camera. With careful planning and an eye for design your images will be transformed into fine art worthy of displaying on your walls.​​​​
"While most of the pets I photograph are dogs, I also photograph cats, birds and other pets too. Please note that your pets human family members are welcome to be in the photos too."
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